Alytus Biennial 2

Once again continuing the tradition of international festival of experimental arts and extraordinary cultural evens - Alytus biennial is coming back!
This time there are 25 young artists from 5 countries invited to participate in the event.
Alytus will be turned into the ground for experimental art.
The whole town will be used as a one big art space for the event and all inhabitants to be involved in the art process.
The majority of participants are the youngest generation of artists just graduated from art educational institutions.
Frequently the young artist are being under compulsion to adulate and follow the ideas and attitudes which are indistinctive to his origin.
Therefore  the main aim of the biennial - creative mind free from conformist approach!
So, here will be created a wide field for artistic creative inspiration able to provide with new ideas for the subject:

  • how and were the power is located in society;
  • various types of conspiracy, manipulation, brainwashing etc;
  • and great illusion of the freedom of expression.

It is the challenge of the artists to their educational sources – are their valid for contemporary conditions of social, political, economical situation.
It will be not only art exhibition but also a public creative process whereof  the  spectator becomes the inseparable part of the whole so far there are no art spaces neither art show traditional practice in the town.

Artists Gathering Erdves & Alytus Art School
Curator: Mantas Kazakevičius
Consultant: Redas Dirţys
Executive coordinator: Gita Strikytë

The partners:
Dartington College of Arts
Umelec/The Artist, The magazine for contemporary art and culture, Prague, Czech Republic.
Int’l Artists’ Network ZCCA-Libusin

Financing from:
Alytus City Council,
Lithuanian Foundation for Culture and Sports,
sponsorship – UAB „Dusmenëliai“, UAB JcDecaux, UAB „Rodiklis“, UAB „Ordo“

Informational support:
Newspaper „Alytaus naujienos“,
Radio „FM99“


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