alytus biennial 1  

International festival of experimental art
August 22-28, 2005








time table of events


The main aim

There are the global tendencies towards organizing different kinds of biennials in every capital city of each developing country. The organizing of biennial turned into a symbol of few tendencies - to centralize power of the state and cultural life too and the second one - to emphasize the importance of the capital city. Alytus Biennial is planned to be the most ambitious attempt to criticize that tendencies during the all Post-Soviet period in Lithuania .


Other objectives

To strengthen positions of critical discourse in Lithuania and in the whole region as well.

Encourage the experimental art to withstand the domination of official one at least in Lithuania and other pro capitalistic ex-communist countries.

Arrange the impact of different art discourses and to raise the actual problem caused by political reasons first.

The challenge of the artists to the politicians: artists are not illustrating the actual political situations in supportive or critical way (s. c. political art), but directly acts in society with clearly defined goals by using the same mechanisms loaned from mass media and political life.



Artists Gathering Erdves & Alytus Art School

Curator: Redas Dirzys

Commissar for theory: Jonas Valatkevicius

There will be at least one hidden curator among the artists (theory of conspiracy)

Executive coordinator: Loreta Liausaite


The partners

Umelec/The Artist, The magazine for contemporary art and culture, Prague , Czech Republic.

Int'l Artists' Network ZCCA-Libusin

IAPAO – International Association of Performance Art Organizers


The structure

The whole event will be organized on bipolar tension between extremities: starting with the theoretic conflict of two main ideologists of the event (usually it happen when event is coordinated by two curators, but they are usually trying to hide the fact, to look for compromises and not to collaborate afterwards). So, here will be created wide field for artistic creative inspiration able to provide with new ideas for the subject:

•  how and were the power is located in society;

•  various types of conspiracy, manipulation, brainwashing etc;

•  and great illusion of the freedom of expression;

•  Neo-liberalistic tendencies...


There will be invited around 25 international artists and international critics/ theoreticians. Art events ant theoretical issues are planned to be incorporated into each other. The selection of theoretical discourse will be based on different positions towards art discourse and its role in the society. Hopefully the art scene of the Eastern European region would overcome the single minded one predicted by Soros infrastructure. Probably the main question could be formulated as following: does real critical left-wing discourse still exists in arts? That one usually was identified with avant-garde.


The whole town will be used as a one big art space for the event.


The idea of the Alytus Biennial is to present a curatorial point of view based not only on making a show with art objects. The idea is to present a point of view that includes other considerations as well. The event is concentrated on the strategies used by artists and curators, sponsors, and the government.


Artists are encouraged to show their artistic strategy: social engagement or detachment, political-institutional impact of two different art discourses could sparkle, new connections will be created and self-identification critique or deny from it, PR's – all bald and clear constructions are welcome and all simulations, what denudes already existed too.


The catalogue is planned to be published afterwards.




Redas Dirzys,
Turistu str. 2,
62445 Alytus , Lithuania
ph. + 370 682 15771

Alytus City Council,
Lithuanian Culture Ministry,
Lithuanian Foundation for Culture and Sports
Embassy of Austrian Republic

Umelec International,
Alytaus naujienos daily,
Loreta Liausaitė,
Mantas Kazakevičius.